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Sustainability Content

Landfills occupy 55% of our planet. So, we only use recycled materials in our handbags, we have already saved 10 million bottles from hitting the landfills.

Where we could see the Great Barrier Reef from Space a few years ago, now all we see is a great convergence of rubbish in the Pacific Ocean which in turn impacts our sea life.

Sea animals such as turtles are attracted to the plastics, which is then consumed as food because they think this is Jellyfish. This impacts the body which is unable to dispose the plastic, leaving them constantly full eventually die of starvation.

At LaBante London the state of our environment is of utmost importance to us. Our small contribution in reducing plastic ending up in our oceans is by using recycled polyester for the interior in all our handbags. Recycled polyester is made by breaking down single use plastic bottles (PET bottles) into pellets, these are then melted, cooled and spun into yarn. So instead of using new fabrics, which waste water we use this recycled fabric, which prevents more plastic from being dumped into landfills or our oceans. We also use recycled fabrics for our dust bags, and our paper swing tags are recycled as well as recyclable. LaBante London’s range of sunglasses are made from 100% recycled wood and are packaged in bamboo, the cardboard boxes are also environmentally friendly. We have a zero waste © packaging system.


Labante London - Giving Back

Giving back 

“The world will grow more prosperous if people shared what little they have rather than hoard everything for themselves.”

LaBante London Founder Vanita Badlani Bagri

We think walking in sync with people from all races and backgrounds is very important. They are part of our extended family, so we choose to give back to that family. With 10% of LaBante London profits going to Charitable causes, we are trying to raise awareness and support for various charities every season. When you buy a LaBante London product you can choose the cause that resonates most to you, we then ensure 10% of the profit of sale goes directly to them to help build a better future. So every time you invest in the future, so do we!



Animals are important to life as we know it. There’s a huge imbalance in the environment today because we have taken from it but not given anything back. No animal needs to be killed to enjoy luxurious fashion.

We have proved time and time again that cruelty need not go hand in hand with beauty. Each of our collections are made from beautiful recycled fabrics, fine vegan leather like Luxe Polyeuthrane, microfibre and recycled vegetable fibres.

No animal based dyes and glues are used in our manufacturing process. We are a Peta Approved Vegan brand, which means we have signed a document stating that we do not and will never use animal based ingredients in our products and we stand committed to our promise! What this implies is that our suppliers are also held to a strict code of keeping an audit trail on all our accessories used in our manufacturing process – guaranteeing that our products always stay cruelty free and vegan just the way we like them.

our products always stay cruelty free and vegan