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Sustainable Handbags

Labante London sustainable handbags are manufactured using recycled materials, We are challenging and pushing boundaries to make luxurious products in a sustainable way. the outers of our bags are made with vegetable by-products and Polyurethane, unlike some bag manufacturers we don’t use PVC, whilst this would reduce manufacturing cost, and increase profits, this is not the Sustainable, or Ethical route, The Interiors of our bags are made from reclaimed plastic bottles. Our range of Sustainable bags include Sustainable Laptop bags, backpacks and Tote Bags.

Labante London is also an Ethical Brand, we put the health and social welfare of our workers first, we ensure that a fair wage is paid, and workers are given a balanced work – homelife, Audits and Spot checks are carried out by our team, to ensure our bags are produced in a safe ethical environment, factories where our bags are produced have SEDEX certification.