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3 ways to have a romantically waste-free Valentines day

3 ways to have a romantically waste-free Valentines day

Ellie Peach

We have compiled the top 3 things you need to consider to create a beautiful day for the person you love without costing the environment. From gallery mooching to a sustainable gift, we have all you need to know for the upcoming holiday.

Romantic Location:

All you need to keep in mind to choose a great romantic spot while keeping it environmentally friendly is the following; the method of travel, miles and what you should bring to make the day special!

Great locations to relax with your partner are, of course, among nature; go for a walk in the forest, along a beach or a local park, and picnic the day away. Often you can find at least one of these places by simply walking, but cycling could make the day a little more exciting. The thought of sitting down for a picnic with your partner after the flush of exercise is more often than not very appealing; It's an excellent way to spend quality time while exploring. 

If you have to travel further to get to a beach or forest, try and take a train where you are able. You don't need to drive your fancy car to impress them; chances are they are just happy to be spending the special day with you!

If you are city-based and the park is more accessible, why not include a museum or art gallery trip. More often than not, entry is free or very little, and your going will also support their business! Why not finish the little trip with an afternoon tea in said gallery? Sitting in reduces waste so that you won't be given unrecyclable takeaway cups.

An alternative way to finish the day if you're less in the mood to walk around is to go to the cinema! Bring a reusable cup for your drinks to reduce your waste, and you're sure to be on your way to having the most romantic yet zero waste day.


Whether it is your preference to go out for dinner or make a home-cooked meal, there are ways that you can make it more environmentally friendly. 

Home-cooked meal waste comes from the preparation and the leftovers after you have finished eating. As long as you buy the specific ingredients you know you need and can either use them all before they go bad or store them for later use, the waste will be kept to a minimum. Put any vegetable skins, for example, in your compost bin or save them by taking them to a community compost if you don't have your own. This way, your food waste won't cause harmful CO2e emissions. 

When your food is finished, try and compost any food you didn't eat on your plate and put the rest in the fridge to enjoy later!

For a meal out, however, it is a bit simpler. Going out for dinner once in a while is a great way to take the strain off of you and your partner and just enjoy each other's company. It also supports local businesses, which is really important. If you haven't eaten everything on your plate, simply ask to take it home with you. 

And remember, If you usually can't finish food or just want to be sure, bring your own Tupperware so that you are not given unrecyclable takeaway pots!


Picking the perfect present with a sustainable focus isn't any more difficult than buying a regular present- even though at first it may seem more challenging.  All you need to do first is choose precisely what you want to buy, like new shoes, for instance, and then think of ways it could be less environmentally harmful. For example; if your partner really wants new comfy shoes, all you need to do is look for either vegan or 'made from recycled materials, in the product's description. 

LaBante has a new line of vegan leather shoes coming out very soon; they are made from apple waste so they are sustainable and can be fully recycled, the soles are made from plant based rubber and the shoelaces are made from recycled plastic bottles! Your purchase also works out carbon negative as we plant ten trees for every order. Similarly, our bags are vegan leather, and our jewellery is ethically sourced and will last a long time. 

A gift with sustainability in mind really shows you care about the environment while keeping the present classy, traditional or fun. Whatever you're going for, there is a sustainable gift for you! 

Another lovely gift to pair with a LaBante necklace or bag is some fresh flowers from a local florist. This will help their business and provide you with flowers you know have been looked after rather than hauled around by a chain supermarket.

Alternatively if you are shopping for him a Labante wallet with some flowers or an edible gift would always be lovely as well (don't forget to look out for the compostable or recyclable packaging on the food)!

The most important thing is to have the best day, make environmental changes where you can but never forget to spoil the person you love rotten! If you follow this simple guide, I am sure you will make the best choices that are right for you and your partner, as well as the planet!

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